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Teen Passive Programs

Presented at 2013 Oklahoma Library Association

PowerPoint presentation Teen Passive Programs [PDF] - this program was originally presented at 2012 ALA by Kelly Jensen and Jackie Parker

Jensen's and Parker's List of Passive Program Ideas [Google Docs]

Pinterest - Passive Programming Ideas

Hank Green's Nerdfighteria Jokes

Heather Everett, Lawton Public Library, Sock Game[DOC]

Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets[PDF]

Teen Coloring Sheet from Dover Publications

"Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen USA Swim Team video[YouTube]

"Gangnum Style" by Psy YouTube video

"Harlem Shake" Pioneer Library System video[YouTube]

Teachers Pay Teachers Hunger Games Trilogy Tournament Madness Activities Free download

This is Teen March Madness Bracket[Facebook]