2022 Children Performers

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These are performers who orient their shows to pre-school to elementary school-aged children. Check the All Ages and Teen Performers pages for more performers.

Tommy Diaz

Tommy Terrific's Peace Magic Show; Ages 3-12

Aaron Fowler

Jump into the Deep End!; Preschool-6th grade

Priscilla Howe

Didja Ever See a Fishy?; PreK-6 grade

Gary Ray Howell

Puppet Magic; Ages 5-12

Mike and Nancee Micham

White Cloverine Salve Red Clay Country; 8 and up

Richard Renner

The Recycle Show; Third grade through 10th grade

Spaghetti Eddie

Let’s Get Wild!; Ages 0-8

Desiree Webber

Buffalo Tales; K through 6th