2021 Children Performers

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These are performers who orient their shows to pre-school to elementary school-aged children. Check the All Ages and Teen Performers pages for more performers.

Animal Tales

Animal Tales & Tails; K-12

Elin Bhaird

The Three Billy Goats; Ages 4- 10
Teddy Bear's Picnic; Ages 3-7

David Barrow

Drawing Animals with Character; Elementary School Level or Middle School
Sketching Animals; Elementary - Middle grade

Darleen Bailey Beard

Wings, Scales, & Puppy Dog Tails; Ages 7-12
Creepy Crawly Poetry; Ages 8-14

Ellen Lumpkin Brown

Summer Reading Virtual Hand Sewing Workshops; 9-14 or grades 3 & 4 - 9th

Frank Coates

Tails & Tales; 2 years and up

Michael Corley

Monkeys, Mice and Magic!; K through 5th grade

Tommy Diaz

Tommy Terrific's Wild About Magic; Ages 3-12

Didgeridoo Down Under

Didgeridoo Down Under; Ages 3 and up; ideal for kids and families
Aussie Funk Jam; Ages 7 and up; ideal for tweens and teens
Protect the Planet! Ages 6-14
Adventures of the Wild, Wild Wolf: Unleash Your Inner Author!; Ages 6-13

Jeff Evans

Reading Magic; Early elementary

Aaron Fowler

Tails and Tales with Bella, Choco & Mr. Aaron; Preschool-6th grade

Priscilla Howe

The Best (and Worst) of Beasts; Pre-k through 5th grade

Gary Ray Howell

Puppet Magic - Buster Tells Tall Tales; Ages 5-12
Puppet Magic - A ventriloquist and magic show. Ages 5-12

Naomi Hughes

Storytelling Workshop; 4th grade and up

Josiah Jackson

Skippy! Interactive Storytelling!; Ages 5-12"
Skippy and the Queen!"; 4-10 years

Kirsten Jackson

"Kirsten, Queen of Theatre!"; 4-10 years

Marla Jones

Doodle and Peck Write a Book; Kindergarten through third grade

Susan Kite

Cats, Dogs, Crows and Diversity; 4th grade - 7th grade.

Marshall Mitchell

Marshall Mitchell's Cowboy Music for Kids; K-3rd

Sherry Norfolk

Tales about Tails (Bear); PreK through adult and family
What a Baby!; PreK
Froggy Friends; PreK through adult and family

John Pansze

A Magical Tale; 4-12 years
Animals with a Balloon TOUCH; 4-12yrs

Will Parker

Animal Maniac: Music for Kids Ages 1-100; Kids/Families/All-Ages Preschool/Elementary)

Rochelle Rabouin

P. U. and OUCH; Pk - 3rd grades , age 4 - 9
BIRDS CALL BACK; PK - 5th grades , ages 4 - 10
Who Wears This Hat; PK - 5th grades, ages 4 - 10
Sunshyne Butterfly and Moonlyte Moth; Pk - 3rd grades, ages 4 - 9
South African Story Songs - BOITUMELO Duet; Pk - 5th grades, ages 4 - 12

Katie Scherrer

Stories, Songs, and Stretches!®; Ideal for kids ages 3 to 6 and their adult caregivers

Fran Stallings

Dinosaurs Among Us; PreK - 3rd grade
Friends with Four Feet–And Fewer; Grades K-5

Michael Stephanic

Magical Michael Show; Children

Will Stuck

Will Stuck's M.E.S.S. Menagerie; Elementary
Ani-Malarkey; Ages 4-8
How to Draw Cartoon Animals with Will Stuck; Ages 8-16

Jessica Thomas

Oliver's Animal Adventure- Virtual; PK-5
Virtual Caricature Drawing Workshop; Ages 7+
Virtual 2D Animation Workshop; Ages 8+
Virtual Among Us Sculpture Workshop; Ages 6+
Dewey the Dragon’s Puppet Story Time- Virtual; PK-3rd grade

Marty Tipton

Horse Tales of Oklahoma Favorite Son Will Rogers; Pre-K to 6th Grade

Una Belle Townsend

Great Elephant Escape; Pre-K to Gr. 4
Imagine Jesse's Land Run Adventure; K-4
Grady's in the Silo; Pre-K to Gr. 4

Desiree Webber

Buffalo Tales (Oklahoma Saves the Buffalo); K through 6th
Buffalo Tales (Buffaloes Are Fascinating) Kindergarten through 6th grade