2020 Teen Performers

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These are performers who orient their shows to teens. Check the Children Performers and All Ages pages for more performers.

Animal Tales

Title is TBD - Will be themed Fantasy / Fairytales; K-12

David Barrow

Drawing Fantasy! Elementary Grade Level or Middle School
Sketching Fairy Folk; Children: 1st - 4th grade
Fantasy Sketching; Middle grade/High school

Priscilla Howe

Creepy and weird: tales for older kids; 6th grade and up

Marilyn Hudson

The Ghost Teller; 3rd grade to 5th and 6th and up
Myth-Ing Pieces; 1st grade-6th or 5th-8th

Naomi Hughes

Author Visit; 12yo and up

Leslie McElroy

Design and Face Paint; Ages 11-18
Mythology Now; Ages 12-18

Rickey Pittman

Songs, Stories, & Legends of the Scots & Irish; Elementary and middles school (though it can be adapted to adults as well)

Richard Renner

Slapstick Circus; 1st through 8th
Read All About It; 1st though 8th grade

Fran Stallings

Heroes and She-roes; 1st-5th grade; OR middle/high school
Grimms and Grimmer; Teens, adults

Desiree Webber

Write a True Story; Age 12+

Cy Young

Self-publishing an ebook; Grades 6-12