2020 Children Performers

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These are performers who orient their shows to pre-school to elementary school-aged children. Check the All Ages and Teen Performers pages for more performers.

Animal Tales

Title is TBD - Will be themed Fantasy / Fairytales; K-12

David Barrow

Drawing Fantasy! Elementary Grade Level or Middle School
Sketching Fairy Folk; Children: 1st - 4th grade
Fantasy Sketching; Middle grade/High school

Darleen Bailey Beard

Author Talk with children's author Darleen Bailey Beard; Students and families
If I Had a Dragon; Ages 7-12
Unicorns & Sea Monkeys; Ages 7-12

Derick Brock

Tell Tale Science;PreK- 6th grade

Margaret Clauder

Reading and Rhyming with Mother Goose; PK to 4th grade

Dustin Cooper

Little Geek Sing-Along; Toddlers to 12 and parents
Little Folk Sing-Along; Toddler to age 12 (parents encouraged to join)

Tommy Diaz

Tommy Terrific's Wacky Magic; Ages 3-12

Brad Fielder

American Tall Tale Songs & Stories; Grade 3-5

Will Hill

"Semonoli-Noc-Onago-Guh" (Native American Tales of Fantasy and Adventure); Pre-K - General Audience

Priscilla Howe

Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after; PreK-4th grade

Gary Ray Howell

Puppet Magic - The More You Read, The More You Dream; Ages 5 -12
Puppet Magic a ventriloquist and magic show; Ages 5 to 12.

Marilyn Hudson

The Ghost Teller; 3rd grade to 5th and 6th and up
Myth-Ing Pieces; 1st grade-6th or 5th-8th

Naomi Hughes

Storytelling Workshop; Any age

Josiah Jackson

Skippy! Interactive Storytelling!; Ages 5-12

Kirsten Jackson

Skippy! Interactive Storytelling!; Ages 5-12

Caroline James

Life Can Be A Dream; Ages 4-12

Darla L'Allier

Wolf tales from Little Red to wolf relay!; Elementary

Kim Lehman

Fun Fairy Tales; Elementary (age appropriate variation for preschool)

Susan Kite

The Legend of Billy Bob Flybottom; 2nd or 3rd grades

Leslie McElroy

Jack and the Beanstalk; Ages 5-8
Fairy Crowns and Face Paint; Ages 5-10
Fairy Tale Crafts; Ages 5-11

Marshall Mitchell

Marshall Mitchell’s Hats and Ropes and Campfire Smoke; K-3rd
When The Dragon Came To Town; K-3rd;(most kids and parents enjoy the music)

Sherry Norfolk

Ogres, Witches and a Giant or Two!; Flexible; can betailored for preK, school-age or family audiences
The 3 Little WHATs?; Tailored for preK, school-age or family

Will Parker

Imagine Land: A Music Adventure; Kids/Families/All-Ages Preschool/Elementary)

Rickey Pittman

Songs, Stories, & Legends of the Scots & Irish; Elementary and middles school (though it can be adapted to adults as well)

Rochelle Rabouin

Sunshyne Buttlerfly & Moonlight Moth; PK-5th - Family
Would You Like To Swing On A Star; PK-5th & Family

Richard Renner

Slapstick Circus; 1st through 8th
Read All About It; 1st though 8th grade

Dorothy Shaw

Jerome the Stone; 4 to 10 years old

Fran Stallings

Mystery, Magic, and Mermaids; Grades PreK to 5th
Heroes and She-roes; 1st-5th grade; OR middle/high school

Will Stuck

The Figment Follies; Ages 5-12

Marty Tipton

Imagine Your Story: My heroes have always been cowboys; 3 to 13

Una Belle Townsend

Ben and the Missing Pony; Gr 1-4
Imagine I'm a World War I Code Talker
Grades 1-4

Desiree Webber

Buffalo Tales; K through 6th

Cy Young

Self-publishing an ebook; Grades 6-12