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These are performers who orient their shows to teens. Check the Children Performers and Teen pages for more performers.

Mike Anderson

Songs, Stories and a Boingy, Boingy Thing; All ages

Animal Tales

Fantastic Creatures and Where They are Found
Animal Tales & The Chamber of Serpents; All ages

Thad Beach

Songs & Stories to Imagine; Family, preschool & elementary age

Darleen Bailey Beard

Author Talk with children's author Darleen Bailey Beard; Students and families

Al Bostick

Fabulous, Fibs, Fables &Folklore; All ages

Dustin Cooper

Celtic & American Traditional Music; All Ages

Jan Dolan

Folktales From Around the World; All ages
Back to the Books!; All ages
Rhythms, Rhymes & Raps; All ages

Richard B. Elsenpeter

Famous Native American Animal Tales; All ages

Will Hill

"Semonoli-Noc-Onago-Guh" (Native American Tales of Fantasy and Adventure); Pre-K - General Audience

Naomi Hughes

Storytelling Workshop; Any age

Juggle Whatever

(Kelsey Philo) Hooplahoma; All ages

Mike and Nancee Micham

Celtic Tales, Mythology, Music and Legends; All ages

Robert Morris

Imagine Our Story; Ages 5 to 99

Sherry Norfolk

Ogres, Witches and a Giant or Two!; Flexible; can betailored for preK, school-age or family audiences
The 3 Little WHATs?; Tailored for preK, school-age or family

Will Parker

Imagine Land: A Music Adventure; Kids/Families/All-Ages Preschool/Elementary)

Rochelle Rabouin

Beautiful Oops; PK-HS & Family
Sunshyne Buttlerfly & Moonlight Moth; PK-5th - Family
Whose Hat Is This; PK-HS & Family
Would You Like To Swing On A Star; PK-5th & Family
The Adventures of Jingle Jyngel-The Happy Helpful Bell; PK-Family
Boitumelo Duet Concerts: South Africa Show
Caribbean Show
World Music Show

Stephen Smith

Professor B. Looney; All ages

Michael Stephanic

Magical Michael Show; All Ages

Nancee Walker-Micham

Rock Walls across Ireland; All Ages

Brian Wendling

If you imagine it, it can come true!; All ages