2019 Teen Performers

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These are performers who orient their shows to teens. Check the Children Performers and All Ages pages for more performers.

Animal Tales

Creatures of the Galaxy; K-12

Al Bostick

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Tex Book; Elementary to preteens

Monty Harper

Songwriting with Monty Harper; Teens

Marilyn Hudson

A Universe of Tales; 1st-12th

Juggle Whatever, Kelsey Philo

Anti-Gravity Workshop; 10-18 (Pre-teen/Teen)

Leslie McElroy

Designing Space; Ages 12-18
Creating Creatures and Face Painting; Ages 9-18

Richard Renner

The Recycle Show; First grade through 8th grade

Fran Stallings

Ancient Roots of Fantasy and Science Fiction; Teen, adult

Sergey Vashchenko

Eastern European Music and Culture; K-12

Desiree Webber

Write a True Story; Age 12+