2019 Children Performers

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These are performers who orient their shows to pre-school to elementary school-aged children. Check the All Ages and Teen Performers pages for more performers.

Mike Anderson

Songs, Stories, and That Boing Boing Thing; The shows can be any age

Animal Tales

Creatures of the Galaxy; K-12

David Barrow

What Would It Be Like?; 1st through 6th grade

Thad Beach

Ukulele Universe; Ages 2-12, and all ages

Al Bostick

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Tex Book; Elementary to preteens

Robin Bremer

“Mirror Mirror” - Accepting who you are; Ages Pre K- adult

Derick Brock

Destination: Moon

Jay Cady

Flights of Fancy; Ages 4 and up

Dustin Cooper

Little Folk Sing-Along; Toddler to age 8 years old

Jim Cruise

Reading Is Out Of This World - Spoon Man; Ages 4 and up

Tommy Diaz

Tommy Terrific's Wacky Magic; Ages 3-12

Darlina Eichman

Space Station Vacation; Ages 3-7

Marilyn Hudson

A Universe of Tales; 1st-12th

Monty Harper

Songs From Space; Ages 4-11 and families

Priscilla Howe

A Galaxy of Giggles; Preschool to 5th grade

Gary Ray Howell

Puppet Magic; Ages 5 to 12

Josiah Jackson

Skippy! Interactive Storytelling!; Ages 5-12

Caroline James

Stars Shine Bright; Ages 4-12


Rockin' and Reading ( is Out of This World! ); PreK-5th grades

Leslie McElroy

Lost in Space Ages 5-8
Games in Space; Ages 8-12
Making Space; Ages 5-8

Jaye McLaughlin

Wide Open Spaces; 2nd grade and up
Stories of the Stars; PreK and up
Crossing Oklahoma in 1910; Ages Pre-K and up

Marshall Mitchell

Marshall Mitchell's Cowboy Music For Kids; K-3rd grade

Sherry Norfolk

Catch a Falling Star!; Flexible; can be tailored for preK, school age or family audiences
And then there was...LIGHT!; School-age

Richard Renner

The Recycle Show; First grade through 8th grade

G. Patrick Riley

The Planets/ A Mask Adventure; K through 12

Spaghetti Eddie

Spaghetti Eddie...in SPACE!; Ages 0-8

Fran Stallings

Shine On! Tales of the Sun and Moon; K-5th; can be adapted for preschool groups

Sergey Vashchenko

Eastern European Music and Culture; K-12

Kevin Wade

Kevin Wade’s Reach For The Stars Magic Show; 3 years to 13 years in age.

Desiree Webber

Buffalo Tales; K through 6th