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These are performers who orient their shows to teens. Check the Children Performers and Teen pages for more performers.

Mike Anderson

Songs, Stories, and That Boing Boing Thing; The shows can be any age

Animal Tales

Creatures of the Galaxy; All ages

Thad Beach

Ukulele Universe; Ages 2-12, and all ages

Dustin Cooper

Celtic & American Traditional Music; All Ages

Dan Crow

You're An Engineer!; Family (appropriate for all ages 2-12)

Jan Dolan

Monsters, Dragons & Ogres; All ages

Richard B. Elsenpeter

The Elsenpeter Marionettes - The Legand Of Sleepy Hollow; All ages
Famous Native American Animal Tales; All ages

Monty Harper

Songs From Space; Ages 4-11 and families

Will Hill

Yah Tay Pot Chay! Panther that crosses the sky!; All ages

Juggle Whatever, Kelsey Philo

Out of this World Juggling!; All ages and Parents

Michael King

The Magical Wonders of Space; All ages

Oklahoma City Zoo Education Department

Aliens Among Us; Multi-age
The Goldilocks Zone: It’s Not Just for Bears; Multi-age

Stephen Smith

Orville Wright- How we learned to Fly; All ages
Boldly Going Where No Balloon Artist Has Gone Before!; All Ages

Michael Stephanic

Magical Michael Show; All Ages