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Resources for 2018 Music Summer Reading Resources

Contracts, Permission Forms & Sponsors

  • Permission to Video and Photo for Oklahoma Libraries, form for libraries which includes ODL and IMLS wording.
  • Performers Agreement Contract Oklahoma, form for libraries contracting with summer reading performers and includes terms and conditions wording.
  • Oklahoma SRP Sponsors

    OKC Zoo and Metropolitan Library System

    "Read for Adventure" from the OKC Zoo and Metropolitan Library System This spring brings a new venture for the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden and Metropolitan Library System with the statewide launch of their community literacy program, “Read for Adventure.” This successful promotion and partnership is going Oklahoma wide, welcoming every public library across the state to participate at no cost. Read the press release here and watch the promotional video here.

    Hunger Free Oklahoma

    Hunger Free Oklahoma, The Oklahoma Department of Education, and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries have partnered to provide the children of Oklahoma free access to healthy meals. You can read State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister's letter to Oklahoma Public Libraries and view her video here. All Oklahoma public libraries are welcome to participate. Qualifying information is included in the letter. You can contact Hunger Free Oklahoma for more information.

    Workshop Handouts & Links

  • Powerpoint of 2018 Music Co-Presentation

    Will Stuck

  • Kool Aid Henna Tattoo [updated with corrected water amount --ab 3/7/2018]
  • Will's Favorite Online Song Sites
  • Wishy Washy
  • Tie-Dye with Baby Wipes
  • Steve Spangler
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Slinky and Sound Waves
  • Visual Sound Waves with Toliet Paper Tube and Flashlight
  • Sound Waves with Spoon and Yarn
  • Screaming Balloon Don’t forget to have different size balloons and hex nuts.
  • Chicken in a Cup
  • Spring Drum
  • Toy musical instruments - cowbelll, slide whistle, whoopie cushion, kazoo - teach rhythm, pitch and teach them to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
  • Balloon Bassoon - PVC pipe and a balloon. Cut top off half inch of top of the balloon (not the end where you blow). Place larger opening over PVC pipe. Pull balloon to one side and blow. A bubble of air should appear and that’s what helps make the sound. Remember to use diffferent lengths and widths of pipe for variety of sound. Connect with “The Singing Snake” by Timothy Rhodes story.
  • Balloon Bassoon Inexpensive Version - Toilet paper tube, balloon, and tape. Same as above: cut half-an-inch off the top of the balloon (not the part where you blow). Place the newly open end over one end of the toilet paper roll. Tape this down really well using strong tape, like book tape. Pull the other end of the balloon to the side and blow very hard.
  • Guitar Pick Punch
  • Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (website) and MST3K (wikipedia)
  • Beavis and Butt-Head (wikipedia)
  • VH1 Storytellers Ask local artists, teen bands/groups
  • Milk Jug Igloos: Clean the jugs but keep the lids. Hot glue them on. Use a cardboard base. Ask local mattress dealer for cardboard box.
  • Photo Ops: Ask local funeral home for boxes.
  • Nose Flutes

    Jenifer Strauss

  • Early Literacy: Singing a Story
  • Children: Put the Book Down and Tell It
  • Teen: If You Feed Them They Will Come
  • Library of Michigan Summer Reading Webinar Strauss' webinar's are the second, third and fourth on the list, but the others may be of interest, too.
  • Folk Manis Puppets
  • Popsicle Stick Harmonica
  • Google search: “Make your own instruments”
  • Pan Flute with Straws Consider using thicker straws.
  • Selected List of Children’s Books that Incorporate Music
  • Record into a Bowl


  • Collaborative Summer Library Program Radio and TV/Computer Advertisements (login required; contact Adrienne Butler, adrienne.butler@libraries.ok.gov, if you have questions.
  • School Visits: Leave your dignity at the door; Make yourself memorable; Wrap up with a song; If you don’t have the staff, ask a volunteer (shadow them first few times) or if you can afford it, hire a performer. You can video record yourself and send it for the school’s internal TV.
  • Book Cart Drill Team America Library Association Annual Conference 2007
  • Boom Box Circulation Desk: Decorate the Circulation desk like a boom box
  • Fuzzy Pony Beads on Amazon or, Walmart or S&S Worldwide

    More resources

  • Kwik Stix Solid Tempura Paint
  • Change Jar: Add a change jar at Circulation desk to collect extra funds
  • School Speciality Contact them for special library pricing
  • Oriental Trading Contact them for special library pricing
  • The Library of Michigan’s Youth Services Advisory Council held a Youth Services webinar on programming tips & ideas. You can find the recording here: Library of Michigan. CSLP Early Literacy and Children's webinar: CSLP.

    Planning Summer Reading

  • Planning Build a Better World Summer Reading Program
  • Children's Programming presentation by Sarah Matusz, 2014 North Dakota State Library Association, posted with permission [PPT]. This presentation includes marketing, promotion, volunteers, and food allergy suggestions.
  • Food Allergies in the Library by Sarah Matusz, North Dakota State Library
  • Planning and Organizing Your Summer Reading Program from Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
  • "Summer Reading Programs for Teens: A Best Practice Guide for Librarians Working in a Public Library” created by Susan Rodgers, Heather Snapp, Yesica Hurd, Noel Clevenger, Courseweb Library Information Services, Illinois
  • CSLP Summer Feeding flyer for providing meals with your summer reading program, you can help ensure that children not only have access to quality reading materials over the summer, but also to healthy food


    Evaluating Summer Reading

  • "Evaluating Summer Reading Programs: Suggested Improvements" from Public Libraries Online
  • Outcome Based Evaluations from the Institute of Museums and Library Services
  • Outcome Based Evaluations from Oregon State Library

    Including Children with Disabilities

  • "Programming for Children with Special Needs" from ALSC Blog (there are five parts)
  • "Welcoming Children with Disabilities at Your Library" from Webjunction
  • CSLP Diversity Signing Videos
  • CSLP Foreign Language Helper