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SRP Checklists

These are pieces of the Summer Reading Evaluation. You are welcome to download, and print them for your checking and counting purposes.

    Literacy Skills

  • Literacy Skills count checklist - Libraries that offer an Early Literacy and/or Children’s Program, count the number of skills for each unique storytime and/or program. If you repeat a storytime and/or program only count the skills once. Print or download as many copies as needed. [PDF]
  • File:Literacyskillspatronsurvey.pdf– Libraries that offer an Early Literacy and/or Children’s Program submit 2 completed patron surveys. [PDF]

Literacy Skills- Get Started

Why and How of Literacy Skills

2014 Photo Release Form and Presenter's Contract

Lakeshore Learning Materials

These are the science kits displayed at the workshops from Lakeshore or you can search "science" on the website.

  • Big Bubbles 5 Gallon
  • Lakeshore Big Bubbles Kit
  • A set of Can Do Science Discovery Kits: Can Do Science - Sound Can Do Science - Magnets Can Do Science - Color and Light Can Do Science - Magnification Can Do Science - Motion Can Do Science -Sink or Float
  • Sink or Float Exploration Kit

Lego's & Robotics

Inexpensive Robotics suggested by Heather, Wagoner Library

Dana Helms, The Upside Down Artist

Science Program for school-age kids

Links from Kristin, Metropolitan Library System, Science Program


3D Printing & MakerSpaces

SRP Science Workshop Presentations

File:Dystopian game.ppt (PPT) File:El eval overview.ppt (PPT)


You can find more articles and program and activities ideas on Adrienne's Flipboard Magazine, 2014 Science SRP.

Bubble Recipe

This is from Beth, Cheoctah Library (you can find this recipe online elsewhere)
This is the bubble recipe we have used several times and it works well. I like it because it is measured in parts and you determine the amount. We did it with a large group of summer school kids by dividing them into smaller groups and letting each group make one recipe, with each part being 1 cup. They had to measure and count, read instructions, etc. Gallon sized pitchers worked great for mixing. We used bubble wands, plus anything with a hole in it, for blowing the bubbles and had a fabulous time. I am planning to do it again this year. I have found this exact recipe on several sites so it is hard to give credit.

Homemade Bubble Solution

  • 10 parts distilled water (Must be distilled water)
  • 1 part Dawn dish liquid (I get the big jug at Sam's, just regular Dawn)
  • 1/4 part light corn syrup (cheaper than glycerine and I thought the results were just as good)

Mix corn syrup into water until dissolved. Stir in soap very gently, just until mixed. Enjoy! It keeps well, is inexpensive to make, and goes a long way.

Several of the sites said to use 1/2 part corn syrup for "super" bubbles, but I haven't tried that. I think this summer we will make with regular Dawn, concentrated Dawn, and with the extra corn syrup. They can hypothesize which will be better and then we will test them out. Fun times!

Also, you can take a flyswatter, cut a hole in the middle and use that as a bubble wand

Oklahoma Libraries Free Comic Book Day Posters, May 17, 2014

Thank you to the Friends of the Metropolitan Library System for their donation of 36,000 comic books for Oklahoma Public Libraries. All participating libraries can download posters to advertise OLFCBD and post the sign on their giveaway table.
OLFCBD Sign File:Comic-day-sponsor-sign.pdf
OLFCBD Poster 1 File:Poster12014.pdf
OLFCBD Poster 2 File:Poster22014.pdf